Some students come to UW-Whitewater with a clear vision of their career path. These students have a sense of purpose and confidence in their ability to develop the skills and qualities needed to make a successful transition into the world of work. They are able to articulate what they’re learned in their academic coursework, their work and internship experience, and co-curricular involvements.

Other students have a more abstract sense of their career direction. They may be fully aware of their interests, values, and ability, but unsure how these factors relate to various career choices. The college experience is a developmental journey for everyone, and both states described above are natural.

Regardless of where students may be on their career development journey, when they put time and energy into self-reflection and exploring potential career options, their career path tends to come into much greater focus. We encourage students to make full use of our services and programs as they progress through their college experience.

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