Connecting and Networking

Networking is the process of establishing relationships with people, exchanging information and ideas, and working together for future mutually beneficial exchanges.

Benefits of Networking

  • Get access to information, support, and job leads.

  • Find help as you choose a major or career, and validate those choices.

  • Improve your interpersonal and interviewing skills.

  • Gather information about different types of career and the job qualifications associated with those careers. Obtain advice on job searching.

  • Can lead to mentoring relationships.

Social Media Networking

Social Media is a collection of websites and tools that allows individuals to create and share content online and interact with others online. Social media is changing every industry. Do you know how it's changing your future industry?

Benefits of Social Media Networking:

  • Create one-on-one connections with companies, organizations, and professionals in your field.

  • Establish networking relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  • Increase your own visibility within an industry.

  • Exchange ideas and information to help you keep current in your field.