Develop a Job Search Plan

Only about 20% of available jobs are advertised, so the most important thing to remember for your job search is:

DO NOT rely on just one method when looking for a job

Identify Employers and Visit Their Websites

  • Zero in on employers that match your criteria:
    • Industry, Geographic Region ,Opportunities and Benefits
  • Use Chamber of Commerce websites to start identifying businesses in your geographic location of choice. Most will have a directory of members on their websites.
  • Use LinkedIn to identify employers in a particular industry in your area. You can even specify by size.
  • Learn of employers through word of mouth. Ask people in your network. Attend professional association meetings.
  • Once you have identified organizations that interest you, visit their websites. Many larger organizations have a "careers" or "employment" section on their websites where you will find a list of current openings.

Search Online Job Boards


  • People in your network can help you uncover "hidden" jobs, or jobs that are not advertised anywhere.
  • See our networking guide to get started!

Attend Career Fairs

If you need assistance at any point in your job search, schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors or advisors.

  • A career fair is really just a large networking event. Career fairs provide an opportunity to meet many employers in one place.
  • UW-Whitewater hosts several career fairs throughout the year:
    • Accounting Career Fair (Early September)
    • Hawk Career Fair (Late September/ Early October)
    • Spring Career Fair (Early February)
  • Other area colleges and universities also hold career fairs throughout the school year. While hosted for the benefit of students who attend those schools, some will open their doors to students from other schools. You may wish to ask before just showing up.