Intern Program Summary

The Career & Leadership Development program exist to provide an educational opportunity for students of UW-Whitewater in the role of a program and service provider to campus. The internship program specifically is set in place to give students exposure to working in a professional environment. The Kouzes & Posner Leadership Theory serves as our framework for the professional development of the internship participants.

The five initiatives that all interns will learn to put into everyday use are:
  • Modeling The Way
  • Inspiring A Shared Vision
  • Challenging The Process
  • Enabling Others To Act
  • Encouraging The Heart

Aside from the access to leadership opportunities, mentor/mentee relationships and the breadth of knowledge one will gain, a second family will be established. In Career and Leadership Development, we pride ourselves on having devoted relationships with all of our faculty and student employees. Here are some statements from past interns on their experiences in the program:

“Career & Leadership Development is more than just a job, it is a family. To have supervisors and peers that genuinely care about you and what is going on in your life is extremely rare. I have learned so much through my internship and truly believe that it has prepared me to work in the real world.” - Jacki Menzies



“I have learned so much from CLD! Being a Campus Programmer has allowed me to really get to know the students at Whitewater as a whole. I know what events they like and what they don’t like. It has been a fun ride with my Co and Supervisor. I have made so many memories and friends that will last forever.” - Kevin Adams



“The friends that I have made in Career & Leadership Development will last forever. The opportunities I have been given will always be cherished and lessonsI have learned will never be lost. I thank Career & Leadership Development for giving me the opportunity to grow as a woman, student and future business professional. This internship program is one in a million!” - Madisen Polk