Leadership Training

Involvement in leadership training programs is beneficial because...

  • Leadership training looks great on a resume
  • Programs give students the opportunity to meet other people
  • Leadership training teaches new leadership skills applicable to the educational, professional and personal lives of students
  • Programs work to identify and develop students' already-present individual skills
  • Leadership programs are fun!
  • Leadership training can help students to obtain leadership positions both on campus and in a future career

The U LEAD program was designed to benefit new students by providing an enhanced connection to the campus through the establishment of positive relationships with other students and the knowledge of how to get involved on campus during the first semester. The program helps in facilitating a general knowledge of the University's shared governance system and the student role in this system, and developing students' abilities to define leadership and understand the fundamental practices of effective leaders, among other things. Participation in the U LEAD program is for incoming freshmen and by invitation only. For more information, contact Career & Leadership Development, University Center Room 146, 262-472-1471.