Major Related Opportunities

Many involvement opportunities are directly related to one's major or minor. Studying abroad, participating in research, participating in the honors program, holding internships and applying for the McNair and Chavez Scholars programs are all tied to the academic experience.

Study Abroad:

The Office of International Education and Programs seeks out opportunities for travelling abroad that are reasonably-priced and that offer immersion in local cultures and languages. Foreign study is a mind-broadening, life-enriching experience. Please visit the International Web site to find out more about the exciting opportunities that await.

Undergraduate Research Program:

UW-Whitewater has a national reputation in undergraduate research, mainly for two reasons:

  1. UW-W has terrific student researchers;
  2. the University and its faculty are committed to providing first-rate research opportunities.

Most students perform research within their major. In most cases students will do their project for credit. For additional information visit Undergraduate Research Program Web site.

Honors Program:

The Honors Program provides many advantages for those eligible to participate. This includes a more personalized educational experience, financial opportunities and a general competitive advantage. For more information, visit the Honors Program Web site.

Credited Internships:

Students participating in internships gain valuable workplace skills, improve their marketability, and better prepare themselves for their full-time job searches. Two internship paths are available to consider:

  • Academic Internships allow you to gain work experience directly related to your major and earn academic credit. These internships are secured on your own or with faculty assistance.
  • Career Development Internships allow you to gain work experience related to your career goal, which may not be related to your major.

For more information about internships, visit the Internship Web site.

Chavez Scholarship Programs:

King Chavez Scholars
220 McCutchan Hall

The King Chavez Scholars Seminar is designed to attract and retain exceptional incoming multicultural and first-generation undergraduate scholars for participation in the following: McNair Scholars Program; University Honors Program; Undergraduate Research Program; Fall and Spring Semester Seminar; conference travel. Students receive a scholarship during their freshman year. Visit

McNair Scholars:

McNair Scholars program prepares first-generation and multicultural students for doctoral study and eventual careers as college professors. For more information, visit the McNair Scholars Web site.