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Let our staff help you with your organization's needs. Career & Leadership Development staff members as well as Budget and Involvement Interns are ready to help you with a number of topics. See the ever-growing list below! Many are available as UCast Videos, found in the Forms Section in connectUww.  Others can be brought live to your organization, classroom, or executive board.  To schedule a presentation, contact the Student Involvement Office at or 262-472-6217.

Backwards Planning

This presentation provides a detailed planning tool for small to VERY large events! 

Involvement Resources

This presentation provides an overview of ways to get involved at UW-Whitewater, specifically covering the ways that Career & Leadership Development and the Student Involvement Office work to support student involvement.

Recruiting and Retaining New Members

This presentation will provide guidance and helpful tips to find and attract new members and to keep them coming to your organization's meetings and events.

Advertising/Branding Your Student Organization

Want your organization to be remembered? This presentation will give you hints and advice on how to really promote your organization as well as its events!

Parliamentary Procedure

Refresh your membership with the basics of Robert's Rules of Order to run more formal and more efficient student organization meetings.

Office Transitions

Is your executive board getting ready to transition? Make sure it's a smooth one by first experiencing this presentation with helpful tips and advice on how to successfully transition from past to future officers!


Collaborating can be a difficult process, but the benefits of higher attendance and higher issue-based awareness are worth it! This presentation will help you and your organization to more successfully join forces with other organizations!

Greeks on the Road

This presentation is full of great information regarding Greek letter organizations and their history.

In addition to the above topics, additional presentations can be found on the Career & Leadership Development Speakers Bureau.