Warhawk Connection Center

The mission of the Warhawk Connection Center(WCC) is to enhance an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of diversity in our contemporary society. Through collaborations within and across identity boundaries, the Connection Center serves as a diversity resource for and provides outreach to students, faculty, and staff. The Center educates individuals and fosters a sense of community through campus-wide events, displays, and student involvement opportunities, while supporting the initiatives of others engaged in diversity education.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” – Stephen R. Covey 

WCC Resident Organizations

The WCC is home to the following student groups and offices:

  • Black Student Union(BSU)
  • Connection Student Council(CSC)
  • Disability Advocacy and Awareness Coalition(DAAC)
  • International Student Association(ISA)
  • Latinos Unidos(LU)
  • Native American Cultural Awareness Association(NACAA)
  • Non Trad Pad
  • PB Poorman Pride Center
  • Southeast Asian Organization(SAO)
  • Student Involvement Office
  • Whitewater Student Government

WCC Events

  • Multicultural Student Orientation
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Event
  • Film Screenings
  • Heritage Month Events
  • Southeast Asian Heritage Lecture Series
  • African American Heritage Lecture Series
  • Latino Heritage Lecture Series
  • Native Pride Lecture Series

WCC Professional Staff

Intergroup Relations Coordinator